Container Shade Garden

This patio and container garden located in Queen Village had very little natural soil. To create the desired garden effect, a number of potted plants were used to encompass the space with a dense foliage and varied array of flowering shade perennials. 

Permeable Pavers

Installation of permeable pavers allows for rainwater to easily drain directly into the soil, reducing stormwater and nutrient runoff into waterways and  requiring minimal maintainence.  (Read more here)

Custom Concrete Walkway

Before and after pictures of a walkway leading up to a Bryn Mawr home. The existing walkway was an impermeable combination of mortar and stone. The re-designed walkway features custom two-toned concrete pavers, sealed, with metal in-lays. The separate pavers allow for water to infiltrate the soil without compromising the stability of each piece, which are laid atop a crushed stone base. Plantings surround the walkway to add definition to the main house entrance. 



Stone Cast Planters

These planters are used in a small back patio to screen trash receptacles and add color to a single tone fence.  


Street Side Planter

A small patch of soil surrounded with a stone paver border displays plants with various textures to add interest to a Center City row home’s sidewalk. 


Custom Tree Container

To protect this street tree from vehicular, pedestrian and dog abuse, a custom tree pit container was built of pressure treated lumber and fixed to the soil beneath using metal rods. Four shrubs are planted in the pit with mild prickly stems to further deter dogs. 


Koi Pond

A custom built deck and planters surrounds a Koi pond featuring native plant species, a stone waterfall, and a stone accented natural edge. 

Mosaic, always in motion...

These photos show the process of a backyard hardscaping redesign. With low maintenance in mind, a sleek and consistent patio was the desired outcome.


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